Sunday, January 20, 2013

Laundry Soaping

The first Vintage Toilet bars are complete. It's a super soft squeaky clean shower all over shower bar. It's like taking a milk bath in the shower. You can use it even on your hair & face. My children love it so much that I made them each a 2oz individual bar with their name on it. I thought about making some family gift baskets.

 I've had a recent request from the laundry department of my home to make some more soap. I haven't had any complaints so far with the first recipe involving Fels Naptha soap from the store. Now I have to decide a few things. Do I want a hard bar or liquid constitute? What properties am I looking for in the soap?

Things coming soon!

Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Tea Tree
Potash Soda
Citric Acid
Wool Yarn
Knitting Needles
Crochet Hook

On hand:
Jojoba Oil
Castor Oil
Kitchen Cracklings
Tea Tree
Washing Soda
Caustic Soda
100% Cotton Yarn

 I'm thinking that the Laundry Soap I'm going to be making will be a Tea Tree Lard Bar. I'm thinking about adding some Borax during the final phase while it is cooling down right before Tea Tree. I think this bar will be Laundry & House tops cleaning. I'm wondering what would happen if I added vinegar to the bar? Or if when I re-constitute if I could add vinegar at that phase?

I'm going to be making some liquid soaps soon and playing with colors for Vintage Toilet hand soap. There will be a lip balm Chocolate Mint coming out soon. I need to get some 8 oz or smaller Mason Jars.

* I'm always open to trade. Please contact me if interested.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Years Resolution

Welcome to Dirty Betty's traditional living. Why the name Dirty Betty? As my husband would say, a Betty is the name for a beautiful woman or car. I've found when a person lives a healthy life they radiate beauty. And, well I am always covered in muck with all of my many experiments ie: Try chasing chickens out of your neighbors non-manicured back yard and see what happens to your clothing.

We are a family of six who lives in suburban Northern California just South of the San Fransisco Bay area. Seven years ago we were blessed with the addition of a child born with a complex heart condition. Since then we have been forced into frugal living. This new adventure also brought me great insight into the contents of the products in which I purchase in commercial stores.

 My journey has been long and very entertaining. Our goal is to provide the healthiest products possibly for our children to consume. The byproduct of this journey is that I have an abundance of information that I have collected through research that can be shared with the general public who are interested in making some life changes. Weather you are looking to save a few pennies in this ever challenging economy, improve your quality and longevity of your life, or just plain give up your greedy selfish ways this is a spot you will want to book mark.

I have never blogged before so this will be my test run to grander ideas of the future. Writing is a passion of mine that I hope to transform into a profit making solution as I continue to raise my children and care for my disabled child.

In the upcoming months we will be planting a suburban back yard garden from heirloom sustainable seeds, making traditional all natural cleaning products, raising animals to feed our family in our suburban back yard, and completing life simplifying craft projects. Our adventures will be posted here along with recipes and links to purchase your own old world style wears.

I am open to FAIR TRADE & discounts for recycled containers ie: glass jars with lids, Milk or POP containers, empty Deodorant Sticks, small metal slide top container (for lip gloss). List of goods: Soap (cleaning, bath, laundry), Deodorant, Lotion, Lip Balm, Candles, Dish & Bath cloths, Aprons, Nappies (Cloth Diapers), Cleaning Oil, Glass Canned Food Products (based on what ever grows in the backyard), and any other experiment that goes wild in my home. All products will be based on traditional all natural ingredients just like your Great Great Grandmother made. Thank you for joining on my journey. My family appreciates your support.

Please contact me if you have any questions.